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Printables: Unearth Lead Magnet Treasures

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Printables: Unearth Lead Magnet Treasures with Canva and Google Sheets

Running a small business is like trying to juggle flaming torches while riding a unicycle on a tightrope, especially when you're part of the bustling world of hyper-local enterprises. Who has the time for social media shenanigans? Fear not, fellow business warriors! We've got a secret weapon for you – Printables.

Yes, you heard it right, those good old-fashioned, tangible pieces of paper, but with a modern twist. Printables are like the Swiss Army knives of the digital world, and in this post - Printables: Unearth Lead Magnet Treasures - we'll show you how to wield them like a pro.

What Are Printables, Anyway?

Printables, the unsung heroes of lead magnets! Imagine a tool that helps you attract new customers and keep existing ones while making your life easier. Picture yourself as a local cake shop owner. You're brilliant at baking, your cupcakes are divine, and your lemon drizzle cake is legendary. But online marketing? You'd rather eat a slice of burnt toast.

So you create a drool-worthy recipe card for your signature red velvet cake on Canva and offer it as a free download on your website. It’s like offering a free cake sample, but this one doesn’t go stale! And voila, you've just created an irresistible lead magnet. 🧁🧲

That's precisely what printables can be – downloadable resources like checklists, templates, recipe cards or guides that offer value to your audience. They're like little nuggets of wisdom that your potential clients can't resist. They're like a secret recipe, once you know it, you can whip up magic every time.

However, creating a printable isn't akin to microwaving dinner it does require a dash of effort. But fear not, Canva is there with its user-friendly interface and Google Sheets with its handy templates, even if you think 'spreadsheet' is a type of bed cover. It's almost as if they were designed keeping in mind people who'd rather wrestle with a stubborn pie crust than tangle with design software!

Why You Should Care About Printables

The beauty of printables lies in their versatility. They can be anything from checklists, worksheets, recipe cards, to planners! Just like how a muffin tin can be used for making cupcakes, mini quiches or even, ice cubes (if you're that kind of a rebel).

Now, you might be thinking, "But I've got enough on my plate already!" We hear you. Here's why printables are worth your time:

Lead Generation: Printables are like a magnet for leads. Offer something valuable, like a local event checklist, and watch potential customers flock to you.

Audience Engagement: They keep your audience engaged and eager for more, just like those folks in line for the newest smartphone.

Expert Status: Share your expertise through printables, establishing yourself as the local guru – the one everyone turns to.

Crafting Printables with Canva and Google Sheets

Now, the fun part. How do you create these lead magnet treasures? You can either HIRE someone like me - I create these things for a living and have them available to download in my Etsy shop. Or you can enter the Canva and Google Sheets world, your trusty sidekicks in this adventure.

Canva: It's like the art studio you always wished for but never had. Design eye-catching printables with drag-and-drop simplicity. Think of it as unleashing your inner Picasso, minus the beret.

Google Sheets: It's like a digital workshop, perfect for creating templates and checklists. And hey, no splinters involved.

Remember that time when you had to explain the same process to a customer for the umpteenth time? What if you had a printable guide to save the day? That's the magic of printables!

Printables are like the unsung heroes of the small business world. They offer value, attract leads, and keep your audience coming back for more – all while saving you time and effort.

So, roll up your sleeves, channel your inner creative genius with Canva, and organize your business insights with Google Sheets. It's time to create lead magnets that'll have your hyper-local audience saying, "Take my email, and let's do this!"

Or just head to my shop, request a custom order, and I'll take care of it for you.

Takeaway Tip: Either create your own, or buy one online, but offering a freebie printable of some sort in TRADE for a website visitor's email address is a super simple and easy way to start building your email list. Building your email list is CRUCIAL to the future of your business. It's how you can stay in touch, release new product announcements, and solicit new opportunities without depending on social media platforms.

CLICK HERE to snag the Canva daily planner sheet from the image above. It's a part of my favorite collection. Customize it as you see fit. Then just duplicate the page a million times over!

Stay curious, stay connected! 🌟


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